The Un-Unsubscribable Mailing List

This story begins with the realization that there are some mailing lists, subscribed to on purpose or without your consent, that you can never ever unsubscribe from - not for lack of trying, but because the unsubscribe mechanism they provide just does not do what it’s supposed to, or because there is no unsubscribe option at all.

Over time your inbox collects more and more unwanted daily mailings that you just can’t get rid of. Even worse if your email address ever was part of a hacked customer list at a website you signed up to. Spam mailings can easily get into the hundreds a day in that case and eventually, when your spam filter finally gets overwhelmed, the only recourse is to close up shop and create a new personal email address - good luck getting all your family, friends, memberships, and subscriptions updated without a problem.

What to do…?

One obvious solution is to never give out your real email address when signing up for anything online. What you’d need is a safe way to forward emails from a throw-away email address to your real inbox. If there was just a simple way to create forwarding email addresses as needed that do just that. Well, fret no more, InboxDefender is here to the rescue.

We created an email forwarding service that delivers emails to your inbox while a) blocking error reports downstream from notifying the sender of your real email address, and b) blocking the DSN email extension from sending delivery receipts back to the sender with the final delivery address (your real address). Clicking on links in the forwarded emails is fine: that will not leak your real email address, but replying to an email will, so be careful.

InboxDefender allows you to use a fresh throw-away email alias for every online sign-up, app registration etc. If an alias starts receiving spam, you can easily replace it with a fresh one and update the relevant online membership or subscription. As an added bonus, if you use the email alias just once, you know exactly who lost or sold your email address to spammers.

Improve your Online Security

One nice side effect of using a fresh forwarding email address for every online account is that, should an online service be compromised and their customer email list be leaked, your information will not be usable on other sites where you also have an account. This is commonly a major risk, because people tend to use the same email address and password for all their online accounts.

And while you are at improving your security by using unique logins per online service, you should definitely also never re-use the same password twice. We highly encourage you to use a password manager to keep track of unique login information for every service or website where you have an account.

It goes without saying that you should never use a forwarder for, or give any service access to, emails from your bank, brokerage, credit card provider, doctor, or any other website with sensitive data. We explicitly must ask you not to use InboxDefender email aliases for any such purpose. In our opinion it’s equally bad to give 3rd party services access to your email account to manage or filter your messages. That’s why we set up a service that handles your potential spam on the way to your inbox, but does not need the login credentials for your email account (like other services do).

We hope you will find this service useful for getting your spam under control,

The InboxDefender Team